Angels for Animals



The Be My Angel Veterinary Fund was conceived by the son of a veterinarian seeking a way to marshall the compassion and kindness of animal lovers everywhere to help pet owners who cannot afford critical and emergency care treatments to keep their loved ones alive.

Mark F. Magazu, II, our Founder and Chairman, grew up working in his father’s animal hospital in Swedesboro, NJ, and over a quarter century saw what he describes as “hundreds, maybe even thousands” of heartbreaking cases where truly great people faced devastating choices — without enough money to get essential medical care for their pet, they were forced to choose between putting their beloved companion to sleep, signing their pet over hoping a new owner would pay substantial medical bills, or simply taking the pet home to try to help slow the suffering without treating the causes.

“These are depressing choices,” noted Mr. Magazu, “and they pose one of the true moral dilemmas we might face — if we know an animal can survive and live a long, beautiful, happy life, if only for a medical procedure or treatment, do we have any responsibility or moral obligation to help save these lives? And imagine how many animals need our help all across the country. That’s what Be My Angel is all about — let’s raise money town by town, county by county, and save every life we possibly can.”

Medical care, especially during emergency situations, can be very expensive. And worse, emergencies almost always require pet owners to make quick decisions — can I afford this medical treatment to save my pet’s life right now? When the answer is no, and when it seems that all hope is lost, that is where Be My Angel can help.

Please give generously — every dollar helps us save lives.

Finally, Be My Angel would not be without the creative help and support of the following people, who contributed time, creative energy and expertise: