Angels for Animals

Pet Eligibility

In order to qualify for Angel Funds, a pet must meet the following requirements. Funds are not guaranteed; we are constantly fundraising to meet the needs of the pet community, but unfortunately we do not always have the full amounts necessary.

  1. Pet must be owned by the person presenting for medical care.
  2. Pet must be under careĀ at Saint Francis Veterinary Center of South Jersey
  3. Owner must contribute at least 25% of the high end of the estimate.
  4. Owner must apply for — and use the full amount of — CareCredit.
  5. Owner must call at least three relatives/friends/associates for financial help before applying for Angel Funds.
  6. All members of the household must apply for CareCredit before Angel Fund consideration.
  7. Pet must show signs of good wellness condition — well kept, up to date on vaccines, etc.
  8. Owner must provide all contact information requested.
  9. Owner must certify the accuracy of all information he or she provides in application for Angel Funds and accept that such information will be verified, and that should any information be found to be willfully misleading, the Foundation will require all funds to be repaid plus penalties.